The Amicus Circle Philosophy:  Amicus = Friendship

The Amicus Circle was conceived with the needs of teens with social skills difficulties in mind. It is designed to foster both friendships and a sense of community in a safe, nurturing environment. Individuals who participate in Amicus Circle activities and events are bright and creative, and would benefit from healthy, consistent interaction with peers in order to enhance their social growth.

Camp Amicus: 
Camp Amicus is a week-long summer camp created to enhance the lives of teens who wish to immerse themselves in the Amicus Circle philosophy! Campers will enjoy a week of fun activities embedded with social skills training, community-building, and the arts. 

We at Amicus Circle must be sure that Camp Amicus is the right fit for your child. We will review your responses to the Parent Questionnaire in order to ascertain that he/she will benefit from a week at Camp Amicus.

To apply:
Please complete the Camp Amicus Parent Questionnaire and Registration Form/Policies Checklist under Applications, and follow the instructions on the page.

We look forward to a great week!
The Staff at Amicus Circle / Camp Amicus
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