To apply for Camp Amicus, please:

1) Complete a Parent Questionnaire and Registration Form/Policies Checklist.

2) Send the non-refundable $300 registration fee, made payable to Amicus Circle.

In a effort to ensure that your teen would benefit from what Camp Amicus has to offer, we will review the Parent Questionnaire. If we are not a good fit for your child, we will refund your registration fee, minus the $25 application fee.

To download both, click the links below:

Download the Registration Form -  Click Here
Download the Parent Questionnaire - Click Here


1. RULES AND REGULATIONS: The camper (“Camper”) and parent(s) (“Parent”) agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations established by Camp Amicus (“Camp”) including, without limitation, those relating to enrollment and withdrawal of campers.

Full, non-refundable payment of $300 is due with application and registration forms.  Check or money orders made payable to Amicus Circle.
  •  Camp reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the Camp for the Camper. Should Camp determine that the Camper would not benefit from the services of Camp, a refund will be made, minus the $25 application fee.
  • There are no refunds once registration is complete.

3. DISMISSAL OF CAMPER: The Camp reserves the right to dismiss, in its sole discretion, any Camper whose condition, conduct, influence or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interests of the Camp or his fellow campers or who violates camp rules and regulations. No refunds will be made.

4. MEDICAL CARE: Parent grants Camp permission to utilize medical treatment (including dental, orthodonture or optical) outside of Camp should the Camp Director(s) (“Director”) deem such treatment necessary for Camper’s well being. In these cases, all expenses involved will be paid by Parent.

5. CAMPER MEDICAL INFORMATION: Parent must inform the Director prior to registration if Camper has received professional counseling or medication for behavioral modification during the last 12 months. Parent must also inform Director immediately if such care or medication occurs after registration and prior to the camp session. Failure to so inform Director may lead to dismissal of Camper from Camp, and in the event of such dismissal, there will be no refund.

6. LATE ARRIVAL / EARLY DEPARTURE: No allowance or reduction will be made for late arrival or early departure of Camper. A credit adjustment toward another Amicus Circle event will made if Camper’s health requires an early departure from Camp.

7. PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE : Parent grants Camper permission to participate in all Camp activities, excursions, and special outings and understands that accidents and injuries may occur in the natural course of participation in such activities.

8. IMAGES, ETC: Permission is hereby given for Camp to use in promoting the Camp and in other ventures directly relating to the Camp (i) digital, photographic, video, and audio images or likenesses of camper; and (ii)statements, articles, names, art, photographs, audio recordings, films and videos created by Camper or originating from Camp or from a Camp-related activity.


  • Camp is not responsible for Camper’s belongings (i.e. Ipod, cell phone, electronic games.)
  • Lunch must be sent with Camper in the morning. Refrigeration is available.
  • Water bottle must be provided for environmental reasons. Refills of water will be provided.
  • Camper must bring sneakers for outdoor activities.

10. BEHAVIOR: Camp Amicus has a zero tolerance for bullying or inappropriate behavior. This behavior will result in begin removed from Camp, and no refund will be made.


  • I understand that Camp Amicus’ drop off time is 8:45-9am, and pick up time is 3pm. If Camper is dropped off any earlier or picked up any later, I will be charged $5 for every 15 minutes my child arrives early/picked up late. Extended hours rates are available.
  • I understand that without a written note, only those people listed on Camper’s emergency contact list may pick up my child from Camp.


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